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The Uruwala Estate and factory is situated is located on a beautiful sliding mountain area with lush green tea plants. It is a pride to our country and it could be spoken of with very much proud. The people call it the magnificent ‘Uruwela tea factory’. In the past this area had been called the ‘Rohana’ kingdom.

The factory and the tea estate are located in the Southern Matara district in the Akuressa Divisional Secretariat division in the very pleasant and beautiful village termed as the ‘Thalagaha’. In the year 1920 during the regime of the British ruling the brave and courageous person by the name D.A. WanigasekaraMohotti (MahakadeRalahamy) possessing a great personality through sheer determination and perseverance was able to develop the initial stages of the very marvellous factory amidst many constrains and obstacles.

This is located in low country beside the ‘Nilwala’ river which flows down having a predominantly a wet weather condition through most of the year ideal for the tea plantation exercise. It is 160 kilometres from the Colombo city and 150 feet above sea level. The tea business and the factory work were initially commenced with 15 to 20 employees.

D.A. Wanigasekarathe founder of the Uruwela Factory administered the work in the tea factory single handed from the year 1920 to 1951 until his demise. Thereafter his son D.C Wanigasekara(called the MahaKadePodiMahathmaya) continued the business shouldering the responsibilities. He made the factory to improve to unprecedented standards. In the year 1990 -1991 the Uruwela tea factory came to fame and was etched in gold when they were awarded as the best tea factory in the low country.

From the year 1951 to 1992 D.C Wanigasekara ran the factory developing it every year for four decades. In the year 1992 under the leadership of D.C Wanigasekarahe formed a limited liability Company with his wife Lily Wanigasekara (the present Chairperson) together with the Director board consisting of all his children. At present the number of employees have been increased to about 200 workers.
Every year the production and capacity have been increasing.  For a day the factory utilizes about 15000 to 20000 kilo grams of raw leaves. The amount of finished products amounting to 65000 to 70000 Kilo grams of tea are sent to the Colombo tea Auction.

The raw tea leaves that are brought from places outside have to be confirmed as fresh tea leaves which have not withered but well grown. They are brought from places from within 25 to 50 kilometres distance from the factory  are plucked from about 10 to 12 acres of small tea estates.

These Small Tea Holders’ families comprise of 1500 to 2000 persons who are dependent on this income for their living. This produces direct and indirect jobs for a number of people in that locality and outside the estate. They becoming financially sound and to have a proper living is a great strength and happiness to the management.

At the beginning the focus of the management was only on the quantity of the tea that was produced and not exactly on the quality. But at present through enormous experiencethe management concentrates on the quantity and the quality both equally. Purely because of this reason the famous name of Uruwela tea has become very famous both in Sri Lanka and in overseas countries as a type of that is having very high quality.

At present among the best imported tea of low country tea manufactures in Sri Lanka Uruwela stands in the rankings in the best of 10 Companies. The Uruwela had always maintained high quality standards and had been administered by an efficient and dedicated management and a very competent and very experienced staff at all levels. It could be concluded by saying that it was all due to proper coordination and dedicated work of all employees who worked in perfect understanding and unison