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There is a factory situated on a strong foundation on a top of a hill among a range of mountains.  It is “Uruwala Tea Factory”.

             The factory is based in Matara, one of the commercial cities in Southern Province.  The young tea leaves touched by the nutrients of  “Nilwala ganga” has won the local and international market under the name of “Uruwala Tea”.
The output of the factory contributes to the Sri Lanka tea production in a considerable manner.

It is our great victory to receive the gold medal as the “best tea factory in the low country” in 1990-1991.
This is strongly founded by the man of the era in the 19th century, D AWanigasekaraMohotti (MahaKadeeRalahamy) and was strengthen by the hands of D C Wanigasekara (MahakadeePodiMahathtaya) with his long term perception.  This owns a long history from the beginning to date.

When Sri Lanka was a tribute, in 1912-1913 the Uruwala estate was bought by “WanigasekaraRalahamy” and founded for the tea factory using his funds.  Since then till 1951, he served the betterment of the factory.
Gradually Mahakadee Ralahamy was popular among the citizens in the area and became a strength to them as well as the country.

The laboratory and the Wanigasekara Hall are the prominent examples for what he has done. By now, the organization has been expanded and the number of employees have exceeded 200.

Our main aim is to use modern technology, modern machinery and set our tea to the world market with highest quality. In this exercise simultaneously we have in mind about the economic contribution we make to our country which is one our prime motives.

We should give the all the credit to all workers skilled and non skilled without who’s dedicated efforts we would have not been able to achieve our goals. This is proved beyond doubt that at the Colombo tea auctions we have fetched high prices for our BOP, BOP1, OP, OP1, OPA, PEK , FBOP, and the varieties FF1, FFSP, FFEXSP which are fetched for high prices and in particular and for the FFEXSP1 which fetches a sum of Rs 5000/ which is a historical record figure. (CEYLON TEA BROKERS PLC - Sale of  27th & 28th March 2012 )

Our tea is only equal to water and the ambition of the Chairperson and the Directors is to stride forward by bringing laurels to the country the Uruwela produced excellent quality tea. The concern of the staff and the management is to make our Uruwela tea more popular by enhancing the present standards which are already at the helm compared to the other varieties of tea produced by others mainly our competitors.