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Voice of the Customer
Our institute undertakes a number of programs to assess the ideas and suggestions of our valued Consumers.
We are assessing the consumer behaviours through the monthly reports given by our brokers Ceylon Tea Brokers who act as our main Broker.

1). Market Report

  • Through this report, we can get a clear idea of the following:
  • Types of tea which were sold at the Colombo Tea Auction and their respective prizes
  • Prizes fetched by the Special, the Best, and the Average and others
  • Top prizes fetched by companies and tea types the Leafy Grade
  • Companies and the types fetched the Best prizes for the Small Leaf Grade
  • Attractive prizes reported by the Ceylon Tea Brokers PLC & John Keells PLC
  • The date and the time of the next Tea Auction
  • The sale and its impact on the Global market
  • Exchange Rate fluctuations

Studying this report will give an insight of the performance of our company in comparison to the other dealers in the market.

Hence, by studying the preference of the consumer, we can improve our production and the standards.
We have stressed on our weaknesses in comparison with our competitors with the success of other dealers and suppliers:

2).Valuation Report to be prepared- once a week

  • Through this report, we get an idea of the following
  • Sale of tea- Quantity and the Prizes we had fetched.
  • Omissions and lapses in our manufacturing production processes
  • Those areas that should be identified to be improved

 Improvements in these areas would help us to improve our production process to suit the consumers’ requirements:

3).Sales Report to be prepared once a week
  • Quantity of sale and their individual values
  • Companies that purchased tea from us and their views and expectations
  • By studying this report, we can get an insight into the types of tea with the highest demands and types of tea with the respective market values..
4).Analysing  the market through the internet

 Through this, we will able to get more information about the behaviour of the other companies that compete with us other than what we hear from our principle Broker Company and we can have an extensive study about the global tea market. We can use these information to improve out productivity and productions by the study of new arrivals, market tendencies, consumer tendencies, tendencies in the new technology, and tendencies in standardization.

5). Pursuit of local and international magazines and newspapers which are written on the companies that carry on Tea productions and sales successfully

6). Using the telephone to obtain essential information when and where necessary.

 Quantities, Types and Quality preferred by the consumers.
Packing and Transport:
Types which should not reach the market:
This way helps us to reduce wastage and unnecessary transport expenses
When our products reach the international market, we should consider the changes that are taking place in the international market to cater to the needs of the buyers scattered in various countries. We are trying to accommodate ourselves in order to face those changes correctly.
7).  The preferences and the satisfaction of the consumers are analysed by the weekly reports and given appropriate attention. By catering to their needs through these facts we gain from the analysis of their preferences, we get to serve the consumers by attracting them towards our productions.
8). By analysing the reports of the market, we get a clear picture of how our competitors satisfy to the needs of their consumers. Studying their success stories carefully will help us to improve our qualities accordingly.
9). When we find something that makes our consumer unhappy, we make it one of our priorities to correct that mistake.
10). Considering the fluctuation of prizes in the present tea market, apart from the current countries that consume our products, especially we try to cater to the preferences of the consumers in the western countries.

Customer Engagement

Our main customers are Ceylon Tea Brokers PLC & John Keells PLC which is a prominent broker company in the Colombo Tea market. What we consider most are the foreign customers who buy from them.
We make our productions aiming to serve to the preferences of the foreign buyers..