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Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement of Organizational Performance

Measurement is done mainly under three Levels. They are as follow:

  • Senior Management Level
  • Medium or Lateral Management Level
  • Lower or Activity Level

We have identified criteria to measure efficiency analysis in each level and we have identified their target models levels in each of them. Decisions will be made considering the current levels and analyzing their success or unsuccessfulness.

Measurements used in the Senior/Higher Management can be shown as below:
  • The amount of final manufactured and produced tea leaves compared to raw tea leaves used.
  • The targeted model level will be: 100Kg Raw tea leaves: 21.5 Kg Produced tea leaves

Labour Out-Put
The number of employees compared to the amount of produced tea leaves: The target model level will be:
1 Unit of labor: 25Kg of Produced tea leaves

Leaf Count

Amount of Good Tea Leaves. This means the amount of quality tea leaves that is been bought.

Fire Wood Out-Put
Amount of fire wood used as fuel for a kilo of produced tea leaves. The target model level will be:
1Kg of Fire wood: 1Kg of Produced tea leaves

Electricity Usage Ratio
The amount of produced tea leaves compared to the units of electricity been used.
Among the main measurements used in different units:
The amount of good tea leaves in the purchasing Unit. The target model level will be 55%

Wither percentage
Wither percentage has to be maintained at a constant level of 42%
Grinding Unit: The percentage of Dust to big leaves
  • Percentage of fire wood in Withering Unit
  • The percentage of products issued to the market from the Packing Unit
  • Amount of tea kilos produced in an hour
  • The amount paid at the Sales Section for a kilo of tea
  • Among the min measurements used in the Work process are:
When buying the raw tea leaves:
weight of the leaves, percentage of water in them, quality, and the amount of waste.

In the Withering Section:
Temperature, Humidity, Withering Percentage and the duration it takes to ferment.

In the grinding section:
Is the capacity of a roller enough, Weight, Time it takes to grind, Percentage of ground tea leaves, the amount got from different types, Percentage of Dust and big leaves, temperature of the hearth and its thickness.
Percentage of ground leaves when crushed:

First time    : 18%
Second Time    : 16%
Third Time    : 15%

Best levels received from each amount will be considered as below:
OPA     10%
OP     12%
OPI    16%
BOPI      8%
PEKOE     28%
EBOP     15%
FBOPFI     18%
FBOPF     8%

Fermentation Unit:
Humidity and Duration it takes to ferment

Classification Unit:
The amount that can be classified in an hour

Packing Unit:
The amount that can be packed in an hour

In the above mentioned sections of measurement, it is analyzed whether we have reached our targets. If we haven’t achieved the set goals, we analyze the possible reasons for that. After evaluating them, we try to use methods to prevent it happening again. We are proud to show that those disciplines have helped us to improve quality of the products and the efficiency of the company. Our company has been successful in achieving such heights in such a small period of time thanks to the continuous changes we have done from what we learnt from evaluations and the analysis.