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"Vision" Of Uruwala Tea Factory

To be the pioneers and leaders in low grown quality in Sri Lanka by manufacturing tasty flavored tea production

This vision clearly reflects and indicates clearly in our future target.  We, at the Uruwala Tea Factory expect to be the pioneers by upgrading the Sri Lankan quality tea name and helping our main buyer to win more shares in the market in the name of Uruwala tea.

When reaching towards our vision, we have identified the values as to how maintain the quality and standard of our each and every process.

The senior management is paying more and more attention to maintain and develop these high quality values.
These values are displayed very clearly to be visible to all the internal and external customers.


  1. Helping in the National development
  2. High qualities
  3. Customer focus
  4. Value added service
  5. Inter relationship
  6. Be environment friendly
The senior managements’ aspiration is to maintain and protect the entire Quality Management through the values.
We are very clear about our mission to reach our vision and our mission is also attractively displayed for the attention of every body.

Mission of “Uruwala Tea”

“By managing well our physical, human resources together our financial resources in a well organized manner, using new technology and modern methods to produce high quality pure tea varieties and supply them to the local and international markets”.

Mission describes the path of reaching the vision.  We expect to develop our business, win the global confidence by managing our resources and through by reducing  the factory overheads.

Uruwala Tea Factory – Quality Policies

“We are committed to supply our quality products to more than our customers’ expectations enabling to compete in the international market”.
To achieve this
  1. We maintain high international standards for our products and processes.
  2. Focus on Total Quality Management at all times
  3. Pay attention on promotions and value added products
  4. Continuous improvement through productivity and quality development.
  5. Discuss the quality policy with every employee of the company and to make an assurance  that this is understood by every employee in the organization very clearly.
  6. In order that employees get a complete awareness of the entire activities of the production process, train the employees to develop their competencies and introduce a system to offer incentives who to those achievers..
  7. The organization is always making it a point that all the needed requirements are fulfilled including legal needs. The management is always keen on acting according to the government rules and regulations of conducting a tea factory, maintaining proper accounting system, paying taxes on time, making payments to the employees and adhering to the prevailing rules and regulations.
The attention has been drawn not only on cost and the profit but also on the organizational, social and cultural developments. Also, the attention is paid on environment protection and developmental activities. We contribute on a resolute and firm development having enhances economical and environmental development by minimizing wastage and corruptions through developing  all the sections to the highest standards possible.

When the communication is concerned, there is a good communication flow from top to bottom and vice versa. The differences are minimized by treating every one equally as family members. There are meetings held daily, weekly and monthly to develop and maintain communication between each other.

When doing day to day work, the attention is paid on the corporate plan drawn in reaching the vision and on the action plan for the year to reach the goals.  There are lectures and work-shops which help to maintain high morals.

Organization pays more attention on the moral behavior of all the workers. All employees engage in religious activities before commencement of work every day.