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Work Systems

All the systems of the company work in such a way that they can be used effectively to obtain the optimum results. As the separate systems have been properly identified had helped the management had become much easier. The operation of the different systems could be discussed as below:

System that acquires raw material

  • We use different methods to acquire effective and productive and quality raw material.
  • We give necessary training and knowledge to the supplier. For example: How to maintain/ use Fertilizer  a tea estate so that they can reap the maximum effectiveness.
  • We have offered plastic cases instead of sacks to avoid damage during transport.
  • We provide transport facilities with suitable necessary covers during the rainy season.
  • We offer a higher prize for the suppliers as an incentive for whose tea leaves are high in quality.
  • We pay an advance first and we make sure that we complete their payments before the end of the month. This method has helped us to attract our suppliers.
  • We make sure that our purchase of tea leaves does not exceed the full capacity of the factory.
  • We have assigned the work of collecting tea leaves in different areas to separate drivers.
  • Drivers too have a circle of their own.

Employee Management System

  • We give an exclusive and extensive knowledge about the activities of the company to the new employees.
  • Subsequently as the company’s principle they are sent to the factory’s Packing Section.
  • We transfer the employees from time to time without keeping them in the same section continuously.
  • Welfare, Security, and Health facilities are provided for all the employees.
  • Every employee is given salary increments and incentives yearly at the end of the year.
  • To provide all security measures to the employees and to introduce disaster management and to be prepared to implement if and when needed.
  • To provide,  fire extinguishing equipments to all units of the factory. All employees should be given training in the proper usage of them to use them in the case of an eventuality.
  • To install lightening conductors to vital points in the building, in order to give protection to the factory.
  • To keep vital points identified clearly.
  • To protect,  the areas prone to damage.
The Basic Management System

  • To utilize the profits of the organization, Only for the development activities of the institution. The senior Management  to work without any remuneration.
  • When funds are spent it could be made on the decision of the board of Directors.
  • Excess funds to be deposited in the bank
  •  Payments for tea leaves purchased,  allowances and overtime payments to be paid only on a day that is fixed. It should be paid only on the days fixed.
  • Internal accounts system to be monitored closely and they be computerised in order to obtain various reports accurately.
  • To obtain the services of an external accountancy firm to securitize the records of accounts. Any deficiencies should be rectified through their advice.

Marketing Management System

  • To make every attempt to produce high quality tea to sell in the market.
  • To have an idea of attractive prices that prevails in the market.
  • To make arrangements to satisfy and for the demand of the buyers and to deliver them at the appropriate and crucial times.
  • Attention should be drawn to the quality, purity, taste and colour of the tea produced in order to challenge the competitors and give sufficient publicity in this regard.
  • The institution should be equipped to compete in ISO 9001,: 2008,ISO 22000, internal and international contests and to make the name ‘Uruwala’ to be famous Nationally and Internationally.

Production Management System

  • Make certain that the best available raw material is used in the production process in order to avoid wastage.
  • To maintain quality standards, when raw tea leaves are used.
  • To maintain the machinery properly , to service them regularly.
  • To entrust the responsibility on the shoulders of the machine operators.
  • To ensure that the machinery, are checked daily for any defects.
  • To maintain a record and to display clearly the days when the machine was oiled and
  • serviced for the operators to observe.
  • Introduce new machines in a gradual process.
  • Develop the manufacturing process
  • To focus more attention on modern innovative technology.
  • To arrange a program for the speed of the of machinery should be kept at an optimum level
  • in the environment.
  • To minimize any defects in the manufacturing process, minimize losses and destruction.

Work Process

 The system has been constructed in order to protect the manufacturing process well. For
each part of the manufacturing process there are standards that have been established. For
each process in the system the management has entrusted responsibility to a supervisor or
someone in charge. Appended below are how the standards need to be maintained.

The system of maintenance of the tea factory.

  • To have the roof in a good condition
  • The walls of the factory to be in good stead
  • The planks on the floors to be kept firmly

To maintain the standard of raw tea leaves and be appreciated

  • The responsibility of quality control officers to be hailed
  • Recognitions to be made in accordance with B,BB, P conditions
  • All recognized records to be preserved
  • The suppliers of tea leaves should be made known about the records of appreciations.
  • All suppliers of quality tea leafs given proper recognition

Ideal methods of withering procedure

  • The responsibility of the withering process should be brought to the knowledge of those involved
  • The withering process to be carried out in relation to the capacity of the factory equipment used
  • The optimum temperatures to be monitored and maintained at all places of where withering process takes place
  • When the withering process is carried out the reports should be followed
  • At the time of temperature is low for a square foot area 2.5 kg of tea leafs should be used.
  • Warm temperatures should be maintained through monitoring equipment
  • It should be confirmed that the measurement of water content should be maintained between 43%  to  45%
  • The area used for withering should be maintained in a pure and clean state
  • The area used for withering should be protected from insects and various types of birds
  • There should be sufficient ventilation within the factory premises and it should be maintained
  • In relation to other tea factories the withering process should be tried to maintain in the same proportions or else a bit lesser.
  • In the withering area the maximum temperature that should be maintained is 80 degrees °F
  • In other instances it should be changed by 4-6 degrees °F and 6-8 degrees °F during the
  • periods of wet conditions.
  • About the withering process all employees should be given knowledge of the activities.
  • It should be made certain to refrain from the use of ‘polysack ’.

Grinding Procedure

  • The handing over of the responsibility of the grinding procedure
  • Development and adjusting of the grinding to the quantum possible
  • Should possess the grinding equipment to required levels
  • The machinery used for grinding should be maintained well
  • For the grinding exercise the machinery should be in very good stead
  • The machinery used for grinding should be kept clean and paying greater attention.
  • If there any inconsistent speed it has to be rectified
  • ( for the small grade the speed should be 36-40 rounds per minute and for the ‘flowery’
  • grade it should be 30-32 rounds per minute)
  • The grinding machines should not be overloaded
  • The speed should be one that is controllable.
  • The temperature of the grinding machines should not exceed 90 degrees F
  • The grinding room needs to kept very clean and maintained in god stead
  • The floor has to kept devoid of any cracks
  • The well maintained and looked after tea leaves should be protected by dampness and humidity
  • The dampness and humidity should be controlled by with the aid of the part that helps in this exercise
  • The main grinding room should not be in contact with the floor of other smaller grinding rooms
  • In the grinding room no dried leaves should be stored
  • The rejected tea should never be tried to be recycled
  • The rejected tea should not be tried to be resurrected
  • Chemicals should not be used to make the tea black in colour
  • In order to obtain favourable odour chemicals should never be used
  • The grinding room should not contain any unnecessary goods
  • The exercise of grinding should be a satisfactory one
  • It should not be a Choppy and Flaky system
  • The larger leaves after grinding should contain only stalks
  • The high percentage of large leaves should be curbed
  • A pre grinding system to be commenced after the earlier rotating phase of the manufacturing process
  • Prior to rotating production process a pre scheduled system to commence
  • The rotating channel to be coordinated with the grinding process
  • The leaves should be entered into the rotating machine with the aid of a proper aid.
  • The rotating machine’s Feed worm axis should be kept perpendicular to the tea collecting conveyor
  • The tea conveyor should be activated with a delta switch.
  • The withered leaves should be collected instantly without delay
  • The resistance of the conveyor should be measured with the use of some device. For the beginning at no.1 and no 2 stages amperes 22 should be used to a maximum of 29 amperes is a very essential requirement.
  • To make awareness among the all male and female employees about the grinding process.
  • The grinding process should be demonstrated to them.

Roll breaking procedure in grinding

  • According to the needs of roll breaking process a machine system should be implemented.
  • The tea mesh of the roll breaking machine should be in a sound position. It should remain very clean devoid of any dirt.
  • The roll breaking machines should be in a good working condition.
  • The powder or dust that is thrown away on to the ground from the roll breaking machines should not be collected.
  • The production from the rotor vane with the tea convenor the leaved that were grinded leaves should be collected. This is an essential process that has to be looked into.
  • Following the traditional methods of roll breaking machines have to be utilized in the manufacturing process
  • In the powder grinding the by product has to land on the Initial plate. They should not let land on the tea mesh.
  • The tea mesh of the grinding breaking machine should not be broken or had been lowered. It should be made out of silvery iron.
  • The discharge shoots of the grinding machine should be of silvery iron.
  • The tea leaves should be replaced as and when the previous process has ended.
  • On the mesh of the grinding machine the tea already grinded should not be allowed to remain, without leaving any obstacles.
  • After the completion of the grinding process it should be made sure to keep the mesh clean.
  • The leaves after grinding should be carefully removed without throwing away.
  • The entire process has to be exhibited to the workers.
  • All employees, both males and females should be given a proper guidance about the procedure.

Oxidization process

  • There should be a separate location for the oxidization process
  • Oxidization process should not be done in an open floor.
  • Moisture content should be monitored.
  • Through a heating process the moisture content should be controlled.
  • Thickness of the leaf level should be kept at the optimum,
  • The temperature of the leaves need to be monitored.
  • The capacity at the oxidizing area should be at the required level.
  • The oxidizing area should be devoid of bacteria.
  • Tea dust should not be allowed to be trampled
  • The period of oxidization should be done to a precise time.
  • The dust should be classified.
  • There should be sufficient ventilation.
  • The period of oxidization should be identified by colour and smell.
  • Do not allow sunlight to directly fall on to the oxidizing area.
  • The oxidizing area has to be properly washed frequently.
  • All employees should be thought of the oxidizing process thoroughly.
  • To display the oxidizing process, clearly for the employees to learn.

Drying Process

  • The temperature should be controlled in regard to the incoming and outgoing air
  • To measure the incoming air there should be a measuring device fixed inside the room;
  • FLUE GAS temperature device should be used.
  • In relation to the capacity of the tea factory the drying machines should be maintained in a proper manner,
  • Drying machines should be checked often to see for any air blocks.
  • The drying machine should always be in a satisfactory condition.
  • The temperature of the drying room should in the optimum level.
  • The moisture content of the tea dust that goes out of the drying machine should be recorded and reported.
  • Residence time should be precise.
  • The temperature that goes out has to be arranged to escape by SPREADER method.
  • The heat that goes out and that comes in has to be controlled by computers or by thermo graphs.
  • SPREADER should always be in a perfect condition.
  • All trays needed should be intact together.
  • The tray racks and BY PASS DUCTS should be kept clean
  • There should be a method to collect tea that falls in between the trays
  • Dust should be continuously entered into the drying machine without leaving any spaces.
  • The floor in the drying room should not have any dents.
  • The dried leaves should not be in contact with the floor area.
  • The drying room should be devoid of any other things in the vicinity.
  • The cleanliness of the drying room should be in a satisfactory condition.
  • The procedure of drying should be made in the correct manner.
  • The firewood should be kept in separate storage room.
  • The firewood should be used according to specified manner.( 12”-18”-6”) (30CM- 45 CM x10 CM-15CM)
  • Heating room should be devoid of other things.
  • Heating equipment should be maintained properly.
  • FIRE BARS and Poles should be maintained in a good state.
  • The heater should maintain fire wood to limit of25 centimetres.
  • The firewood should be scattered in an even manner on the heater.
  • The firewood should be very dry.
  • The importance of the dryness of the firewood should be bought to the knowledge of all employees.
  • Instructions on the drying process of firewood should be displayed

Cleaning of tea, grading and assorting:

  1. The under mentioned cleaning equipment should be available in different capacities.
  2. 3T machine should be kept on the tea conveyor.
  3. There should be a Middleton Stalk X tractor, FEED HOPPER and a SLIDING door.
  4. Suction Winnower
  • Conveyor should be with a magnetic bar.
  • There should be effective TRAP DOORS.
  • At all times there should be bags to collect dust.
  • On the entire conveyor there should be tea distributed evenly.
  • Fibre X tractor should be magnetically fixed to the conveyor.
  1. The tea should not be allowed to overflow. The tea should be entered in a monotonous manner.
  2. Tea should be spread evenly on the sifter.
  3. Fibre and bold tea should be separated from the rest.
  4. Tea need to be crushed by FELTPADS placed on PVS rolls.
  5. The FELTPADS should be kept clean.

Colour Separator machine
Off grade tea should not be taken
(2) The undermentioned machines are needed to grade the tea into categories.
Chota machine with conveyor
Miche machine (1) has to be entered into the tea machine instantaneously.
                             (2) at every 10 minutes it should be switched off and the mesh is cleaned off the dirt.
  • The moisture content of the tea collected should be measured and reported.
  • The collecting tea machines need to have the required capacities.
  • The graded and non graded tea should not be kept on the ground.
  • Both the graded and non graded tea should be kept covered.
  • To store the tea manufactured should not be stacked in poly sack bags.
  • The grading section of the factory should be kept clean
  • The grading section of the factory should not be a storing place for any other thing.
  • The male and female employees should wear protective clothes.
  • The tea should not be stacked in huge quantities.
  • Dust fans should have the needed capacities.
  • Should be kept horizontal to the Conveyor. Each day it has to be cleaned of dust.
  • The responsibility of this section need to be entrusted.
  • There should be a aluminum covering within the tea bins.
  • After closure of tea bins they should be made to cool by air seal.
  • To fill the tea bins and to remove tea from bins a correct procedure to be adopted.
  • To issue an invoice should be obtained from a Bulking machine possessing a capacity.
  • To fill and empty the bulking machine has to be done with the aid of a tea Conveyor.
  • There should be a separate place to grade the tea using manually methods.
  • The packer FEED HOPPER should possess an electronic capacity channel.
  • To use the magnets in the packer.
  • To avoid the bags getting bloated a precautionary measures should be adopted.
  • Before completion of 24 hours grading, packing and filling of bins should be done.
  • Official instructions should be displayed.
  • Employees should be accustomed with all activities like cleaning, grading and packing.

The Supply of Power

  • The power supply should be made available to the requirements of the factory at all times without interruption.
  • 10.0 Formations at the Market
  • Grade Mixing
  • Annual main grades manufactured should not be allowed to go below 70%.
  • From the bulk tea that is sent to the auction annually the rejected or the secondary tea should not exceed 20% and should not be below 10%
  • The behavior  in the National Sales Average
  • According to the annual National Sales Average the sale price should be above 5 % of the stipulated price.
  • It has to be at the lowest stipulated standards.
  • At the commencement and at the end of the auction, at the inspections the standards gave to be certified accurately.
  • At the inspections before and after the auction it has to be proved that the tea is devoid of been subjected to any unnatural ingredients like chemicals etc.