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Charity Services of URUWELA   

Mr D.A Wanigasekara had been a social worker from the inception of starting his Uruwela tea factory. He donated a fair amount from the profits he earned mostly for charity services and for the poor. He donated money being a
millionaire for a lot of Buddhist activities. He had donated a lot of funds to the Ruwanveli Seya and the Dalada Maligawa for mainly developmental activities.

He had donated money for development and renovation work of many Temples and ‘Viharas’

  1. He had spent a lot of his earning for the development of the “Godapitiya Sudarshanaramaya”
  2. For  the development and maintenance of Ruwanweli Seya
  3. Funds for the development of the Godapitiya Temple from time to  time was donated by him
  4. A library was built within the temple premises. It was opened on the 5 December 1948 by the first Prime Minster of the, then Ceylon D.S Senanayake.
  5. Funds were donated to renovate the Mahiyangana Viharaya
  6. Donated money for the construction of buildings at Sujatha Vidyalaya in Matara.
  7. By D.C Wanigasekara the Akuressa Welihena school building constructed  with a science lab. It was named as the ‘Wanigasekara Science Lab’
  8. On the 16 October 1954 buildings were put up for the Rahula College, Matara with a library. This was named as the ‘Wanigasekara building’
  9. 9  For the poor people of the area medical clinics were conducted. The poor was always given help in the hours of need. He gave alms giving’s getting the people to participate. In addition he had done several types of help for the people in the village