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Strategic Development

  • We are trying to reach our goals through our vision   in a strategic manner.
  • Having understood that we can compete in the market producing pure, quality tea which can fetch a good price in the market, we have selected the purity and quality of the tea as our first strategy.
  • We have explained our strategies in our mission statement how we are to stride forward..
  • Identify well our resources,
  • Use the resources effectively
  • By that developing the productivity and the effectiveness
  •  Always adopt the usage of new technology and methods which in relation with those in the present world
  • In resource management we use the methods used by the organizations in developed countries They are production methods,, sales, financial and human resource management. We expect development by managing these in a well balanced way.
  • We try to develop strategically through the criteria identified in production and sales processes.
  • We give priority to quality as our main strategy to face the international competititors
  • We also expect to win the trustworthiness of the international market.
  • By creating an inter relationship in between all the members of the institution, we expect to have a pleasant working environment with better communication.
  • We use continuous improvements in the production, process and use these methods as our strategy.
  • As our main strategy, we focus on external customers to satisfy them and satisfy the internal customers through strategies of customer concept. 
  • We always focus on attractive prices in the market. For that we have identified that to attract customers it is needed to maintain the attractiveness of the product and to have the attention of the product, the attractiveness of the workers towards the  organization are to  maintained always
  • Another strategy is employee management.  Creating a work force with abundance of knowledge and skills through providing necessary required for training and development methods.

Strategic planning

  • We have identified clearly all the strategies that we should follow until 2015.
  • We have planned to achieve these step by step.  A strategic plan for the period from 2010 to 2015 has been prepared. When preparing it, activity plan for each year is prepared.  The decisions are taken considering time even for after the year 2015,
  • Activity plan include both the physical development and the financial development.
  • Strategic investigation
  • The organization always analyses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats.  The strategies are ten subjected to change accordingly.
  • By having pre and post analysis, the organization identifies our success and weaknesses and act accordingly to minimize the retreats.
  • The current income is invested in the organization itself to have a stable organization in future to be strength to the economy of the country.  Further, attracting the children of the younger generation of the area in to organization which provide them future security.
  • As a strategy the skills have t be identified we identify within the organization and help to improve these skills thus identified.

Strategic objectives

  • Our main strategic objective is to be the best low country quality tea producer. Our belief is that all the challenges could be won easily through quality.
  • When the strategic objectives are concerned, we focus on mass profits through strategic challenges and by winning all such challenges.
  • We have focused on creativity and innovations and with them we hope to have a quality organization with these proposed new strategies.